s Welcome To Ramraj Gram Udyog



WELCOME TO Ramraj Gramodhyog Seva Sansthan :

"Devasya Abhilasha" Old Age Home
Ganpati Vihar Colony, Village – Rawali Mehdood,
Vikas Khand - Bahadrabad, Hardwar


In our society elderly peope are always considered as the source of knowledge, vast experience, affection, imagination and sagacity. In our country, India not even a single task is supposed to be completed without the support and blessings of our elders. Elderly people are the invaluable treasure and heritage of our society and so by adopting their experience and knowledge in our lives we can reduce our obstacles and problems that we come true in our day to day life to some extent. This would not be wrong to mention here that now a days as we are running madly after the western culture and so its impacts are so deep-rooted in us that we feel our elders as a burden. There are some who misbehave and give inhuman treatment to their parents. Hence this should be made very clear that there is no scarcity of good sons in our society but even now some elders are helpless and without their family members are notable to support due to some adverse situations and they are leading their whole life facing many difficulties and hurdles in their life.


Motivation :

The founder of the institution the most reverend Late Shri Ram Raj Sharma too after hearing and watching the inhuman treatment given to the elderly people was very much affected and distressed by their condition. He in his whole life always established the top most standards of good life and considered all religion equal and performed his Social duties very excellently and effectively. He always tried to remove the disparities and social illness from the society by his indomitable efforts. It was his dream to setup an Old Age Home during his life for the needy people. He fulfilled his dream by this Institution. Readmore..